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Zaker Safar's Profile                                                   


  • first name: Zaker
  • middle name: Hussein
  • last mane: Safari

Gender: Male                                                                                   

Date of birth: 12/09/1992

Age: 16











 Likes and dislikes                                                                                                    top


Favorite food-drink: any kinds of food excepts pork and no alcohol...

Favorite TV show: how I mate your mother, the late show, two and half man, good news week & thank GOD you are here!

Favorite movie: Merlin, the lord of rings, night the museums, I am legend,

Favorite song: cry 4 you, let me tell you, right now (na na na), touch me,










What subjects I like the most: All of the subjects I like, I mean you have to like them anyway, if the are bad or good I just want to like and understand more about them. I like some much than the other, for sure, I like to do mathematics, mathematical studies and physics because theses subjects I will face at University.









Love to be..                                                                                                                                                                                                                               top  

I would love to become an airline pilot, ohm...







Love to go...                                                                                                              top

I would love to go all over the glob and visit all of my family and wish to go to famous island around the world and there are a lot of places but I wouldn't be able to visit......








Things I want to do: My best Australian mates:                                                                                                         top

 The thing I really want to do is catch a boat to Tasmania, ride from Adelaide to Sydney, talk to Prime Minister of Australia and president of America, Queen of England and a cricketer.







My best Australian mates:                                                                                        top

when I came to Australia, I had know one to play with or even talk to but I have over a million friends now, my best friends are (well I call them as my best friends because of what they did and will do) Suma, Iana, Bol, Same, Tin, Robin, Gath and many more.






Sports I love and playing at:                                                                                     top

There are a lot of sports and there are many that I like. 

I personally love playing basketball, cricket, tennis, soccer and riding.



                     thank you                  God bless you

                   LIVE LIFE BE HAPPY 

                                      top           what the....

                          ARE WE HUMAN                                                                                                                   Zaker



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